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Fix Your Pipes From The Inside

Nu Flow AK, LLC

Here at Nu Flow AK we are the leading pipe restoration company that can fully repair and restore your pipes entire inside and out, without having to dig up and destroy your property. We utilize the latest Nu Flow technologies where we can eliminate joints and increase pipe flow rates. Nu Flow seamless epoxy resin pipe rehabilitation solutions can even line or re-line pipes under concrete slabs.

Our proven trenchless sewer pipe repair methods are superior to any other kinds or types of pipe rehab being offered by other companies. Give us a call and let one of our licensed technicians start solving your problem today.


Non-Pressurized Epoxy Lining (CIPP)

The (CIPP) cured in-place pipe restoration process is an economical and efficient “no-dig” alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. This process can be used to rehabilitate existing pipes such as Mains, Horizontal Laterals, Vertical Stacks, sanitary systems, storm/roof drains, vent systems, and Processed, Industrial, and Chemical Piping. It can be used on a variety of piping materials, which include clay, concrete, metal, iron steel, PVC and fiberglass.

Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner process is a patented, non-destructive technology that restores corroded and damaged piping systems to better than new condition without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape. Our process prevents business closure and minimizes piping system down time, allowing our customers to continue with their daily activities. This innovative, cured-in-place pipe lining system creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system, effectively sealing and protecting the system from further deterioration. It also improves flow capacity, eliminates weakened joints, seals cracks, and dramatically extends the life of the piping systems. The Nu Flow structural CIPP lining technology is best suited for 3/4″ to 12″ in diameter, however, specialty applications are available for larger pipe systems.


Pressurized (Epoxy Coating)

Nu Flow has dedicated over 7000 research hours to find the perfect viscosity, air temperature, cure time, and equipment needed to achieve optimal pipe adherence. The result is our unique blown-in epoxy coating process that provides a longer-lasting piping solution to restoring aged, corroded piping systems.

The process is ideal to rehabilitate pressurized pipes that have pinhole leaks, and can be used on a variety of pipe materials; which include galvanized steel, cast/black iron, copper and lead. Once the affected pipes have been thoroughly cleaned of all corrosion and then dried with heated air, we then apply an epoxy coating system to the piping system with filter instrument quality air until the pipe is fully coated. This internal pipe coating creates a barrier between the water and the pipe.

Once Nu Flow’s epoxy coating is applied to the interior of the pipe, it will seal and protect the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the system’s life. This non-invasive procedure permits residents and workers to continue with their daily activities, preventing displacement, business closure and pipe system downtime.


Nu Flow Technology has the experience and technical knowledge to specify the right thickness and right resins to meet your specific needs regardless how deep the pipe or how corrosive the environment.

  • Nu Flow offers truly “no dig” technology saving you thousands of dollars in labor and restoration
  • Seamless installation eliminates joints and increases flow
  • Nu Flow lining conforms to nonstandard pipe shapes and sizes (1.5″ – 12″)
  • Molds to the host pipe, stops leaks and root intrusion, and can span “void” pipe sections
  • Can be installed under slab concrete
  • Laterals accurately reinstalled with CCTV camera, so no digging or upset to local homeowners and businesses



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