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Rob Larsen


Waterline Renewal Technologies

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10+ years

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All Trechless

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Welcome to the Trenchless Information Center, the foremost authority with all services related to the Trenchless industry. TIC has been around since 1996 serving contractors, installers, municipalities, and individuals looking to learn more about no dig pipe rehabilitation and underground boring. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, TIC offers a wealth of resources not found anywhere else. We invite you to get started today and sign up for our great resources. Each month we feature industry insiders who share their knowledge and experiences.

TIC is on the cutting edge of installation techniques and solutions that will help to grow your business and earn more loyal customers. We are moving America forward by solving the problematic underground infrastructure. By signing up for TIC you will receive informative newsletters, video interviews/tips, training and just about anything else you could possibly want to know about the Trenchless industry. Your information is private and we do not share it with any other companies outside of our network. We hope you enjoy TIC and use it to help others and gain valuable industry knowledge.


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