Blue Staffing

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Talent agents for top performing businesses from Start-up to Inc. 5000

To succeed you need the best headhunters armed with the best weapons finding you the best talent. Job boards and social networking may find you the people to interview, we find you the people you NEED to hire.

Client Centric

No two companies have the exact same needs, from the moment we begin our relationship it becomes all about YOUR needs. We understand and respect proven industry best practices, and marry them with an innovative, client-centric approach that gives you the edge over your competition.


Once a SearchPath office commits to a search, we are on a relentless pursuit to provide and fulfill top talent requirements for our clients.

Your Career Is Our Focus.

At SearchPath, we don’t push your resume to the world, we work with you to find the right companies for your goals and capabilities.

Our Intelligence Is Not Artificial

Everyone in the SearchPath network KNOWS their niche. Everyday we are in the marketplace talking with trend setters about what is critical for your growth both as a company and as a top performer.


We take industry knowledge and use technology to optimize our Client Centric solutions to address your needs in a timely nature. We look for the best solutions to your problems and we don’t waste your time.

Not One And Done

Our services to both our clients and candidates are based on building a long term relationship. In many cases our clients are people that we placed earlier in their career.