TRIC Tools Inc.

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    To provide the best trenchless pipe bursting equipment and accessories, as well as information to empower the trenchless revolution in the replacement of failing underground pipelines—sewer, water, and gas—and to expand our technology and method from private homes to municipal projects, and ultimately to public policy across America and beyond.


    TRIC Tools Inc. invented and marketed the first practical sewer lateral pipe bursting system, thus establishing the industry of trenchless home sewer replacement in America, as well as ensuring quality accessories for clients. Private sewer laterals have since been clearly identified as the primary contributor to sanitary sewer overflows in municipal sewer systems, leading to chronic pollution of open streams and waterways.

    Like all other underground pipelines—large and small, public and private—sewer laterals are just the tip of the iceberg of urgently needed repairs to wasteful and dangerous underground infrastructure all over the world. We foresee a viable and evolving green technology promoting the efficient, economical, and timely replacement of bad underground pipelines locally, nationally, and globally with our range of bursting heads and other materials.


    We intend to expand our methods and machinery to accommodate our vision of a growing trenchless industry. Sewer, water, and gas pipes come in all sizes and various materials, and each utility line has a particular set of conditions, be they mechanical, geographical, or political. TRIC is constantly exploring different ways to apply our tried and true technology towards new and untested challenges in the trenchless industry. There is still much to be done when it comes to trenchless technologies accessories. Crumbling underground infrastructure causes waste and environmental degradation in communities everywhere. Our goal is to build upon our success in trenchless sewer replacement, while we address other problem utilities with equally inventive solutions.