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License #: Yes

Insured: Yes

Years doing Trenchless: 25

Types Offered: Trenchless Sewer, Pipe Bursting

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When you have problems with your sewer, you want prompt attention and expert service. You need Budget Sewer. If you have sewer issues due to waste clogs, grease build-up, tree root intrusion, frozen pipes or other problems, we can help get your pipes and sewer clear and flushing again. If your sewer and pipe problems are ongoing, you may need a full sewer replacement and we can take care of this quickly, affordably and with almost no intrusion into your life, lawn and landscaping.

So why choose Budget Sewer? Lots of reasons…

1. You’ll speak to a professional when you call

Any time you call Budget Sewer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll speak with a well-trained technician, not an answering service. We will listen to your problems, offer solutions and schedule an appointment.

2. We will be there when you need us

If you have a sewer emergency, we can come to you 247 to make the repairs you need as soon as you need them. And if you schedule a routine appointment, we promise to always be on time – we will never leave you waiting.

3. We use the latest technology to get the best results

Budget Sewer uses the best tools to diagnose and repair your sewer problems. Video diagnosis lets us see exactly what’s going on in your pipes so there’s no guesswork – this combined with trenchless repair saves you money and leaves your lawn intact.

4. Our customers love us – and you will too

Click here to read testimonials about our services. You can also check us out on Judy’s Book – an independent site with verified customer reviews that rave about our quality work. Also check out our many five star reviews on Yelp .

5. Highest quality services at a fair price

Founder Paul Honeyman has more than 25 years experience in sewer repair and replacement. He consistently offers the best prices, employs only the most skilled and reputable technicians and genuinely cares about your needs. Paul always puts the customer first.

If you’re having sewer issues, don’t wait to contact us. A small problem now can turn into a big problem later if you let it fester.

Contact us via our web form or, if you would like to speak to a sewer professional right now, call us at (206) 381-1904 to set an appointment or 247 with a sewer emergency. We look forward to listening to you and providing the affordable solution you need.



Terry Harris

It was great working with Paul to resolve replacing my old sewer pipes. BUDGET SEWERS TEAM WAS Efficient and reasonably priced

Alert Knowledgeable

Paul and the entire Budget team are solid, careful, effective, insightful professionals. They designed a solution to my 100 year old side sewer after a complete blockage. Bursting the pipe around 2 90 degree turns with a total run of almost 125', their work preserved my deck frame and saved thousands vs. retrenching. Their bid was quick and fair. I manage field specialists and after watching their entire process end-to-end, there just aren't any suggestions for improvement. I will not ever shop for another sewer & drain company again. Top shelf company.

Michael Vacirca

I have been a General Contractor for 27 years, we build homes and additions.... so I knew what was in for when the main sewer line at my own home clogged yet again, and had a feeling this time it needed to be replaced. I had put it off because I knew how long and deep it is and that it was going to be a major project. Paul came by, scoped the line and confirmed my suspicions.... what I didn't expect was what came next. I had done some prep work for them, but it was obvious immediately that his crew is experienced and professional. They used a technique called "line bursting" to run the new line, which meant instead of digging a long trench and destroying my wife's plantings, they dug one hole. It was amazing to witness. They started on Thursday morning, by Friday afternoon, they were cleaned up and out. Even the cleanup was spectacular. If you are reading this because you, right now, are where I was that day, please heed my advise as an industry professional and call them. You will be glad you did.