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Types Offered: All Trenchess

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The leading Pipe Lining Company in Cincinnati, OH, and Surrounding Areas

CME – Experts in Trenchless Pipe Repair

Since our inception in 1999, CME has been keeping up with new technologies – and developing our own – to eliminate sewer and pipe problems for our residential, industrial and commercial customers with minimal disruption to their daily lives

Why dig if you do not have to?

  • The major benefit of CIPP is the fact that it is installed without the need for digging a trench, meaning it can be fully installed without disturbing anything that lies above the pipe – from landscaping to manufacturing equipment to store shelves. This is a significant advantage for the following reasons:
    • The whole process of digging, repairing and backfilling takes days to accomplish
    • Digging can create a wide range of potential problems and complications
    • Digging creates the added cost of replacing what was removed to dig the trench in the first place
  • Also, the CIPP process creates a brand new, high-quality and durable pipe within the old pipe that will withstand decades of use with the proper maintenance. With CIPP you get a complete new pipe versus a spot repair, which is a much better longer term investment.
  • Finally, with our trenchless epoxy pipe liners we can generally have your pipe fully repaired to a better-than-new condition in about 24 hours.

CME is the preferred trenchless pipe repair provider in the Cincinnati area. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE513-657-2958. Here at CME our number one priority is customer care and customer service. Our technicians are standing by ready to help you with all your pipe repair needs.


Dave GOM

CME just finished lining my sewer. They did an outstanding job. They were knowledgeable and professional. They did an excellent job cleaning up leaving no mess. They made just two holes that were less than two square feet each. I highly recommend their procedure and their employees.

Miguel Joseph

They are best at what they do, pipe lining. If you are having reoccurring back ups they can give you a permanent solution without tearing up your yard or driveway.

Penny Shore

No homeowner gets excited about having to deal with sewer line issues, but CME made the entire processes as pleasant and painless as possible. From our first visit from Justin who very thoroughly investigated the entire sewer line and explained everything he found, to Derrick and Eric who were our main on-site point people during the relining process, to the entire crew who were professional and courteous, I couldn't have asked for more! When a problem with MSD's part of the sewer line was found, Eric explained exactly what I needed to do to get them out to investigate. Then the team spent a good amount of time with MSD working out what needed to be done to alleviate the problem. THANK YOU for a job well done!!!