Jennings Lining


License #: Yes

Insured: Yes

Years doing Trenchless: 10

Types Offered: CIPP, Manhole Rehab

1840 NW 21 St, Pompano Beach, FL 33069




Who We Are

Jennings Pipelining is a Florida Certified General Contractor. JP and its principles have been in the construction industry for 15 years and have done work at many different levels within the industry. With a background in civil engineering, material testing on highway construction projects, and construction Inspection for concrete, soils, and welding JP is here to provide construction, remediation, and consultation to municipalities both large and small. JP holds certifications from the American Concrete Institute and the American Welding Society in various inspection categories. Our staff is comprised of experts in the field who, combined, have over 100 years of experience. Let Jennings Pipelining show you how your city can save money and resources and protect your infrastructure at the same time.

What We Do


Jennings Pipelining provides a full line of trenchless pipe rehabilitation services to include manhole rehab, cured in place pipe, centrifugal cast concrete pipe, and section lining. This is the paradigm shift in our industry.

Pump Station Services

Jennings Pipelining has a full-scale pump station department that can provide service, rehabilitation, and construction of wastewater stations.

New Service Install

Jennings Pipelining has an experienced team of installers that can provide new installation of sanitary sewer and stormwater systems.

Cleaning and Inspection

Jennings Pipelining is NASSCO certified and we have PACP, LACP, and MACP operators.

Why are we the Best Option?

Jennings Pipelining is capable of doing open-cut projects and in some cases that is the only option, however, the world of Trenchless pipe repair is mature and more cost-effective than ever before. We work with pipes from 8 inches and up using either resin-soaked lining (CIPP) or spin casting to accomplish this task in a safe and efficient manner. By using Trenchless methods, you can dramatically reduce the amount of downtime and inconvenience to your streets and structures while the repair is going on. Moreover, trenchless methods have been proven to reduce the amount of property damage by 95%. We are equipped with several trucks and highly trained crews to tackle any size job. We know that you are always looking to spend your taxpayer dollars wisely and effectively, call Jennings today, and find out how cost-effective and efficient we can be.