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We Are Your No-Dig Pipe Repair Experts

The most highly specialized trenchless pipe lining, drain inspection, and drain cleaning Atlanta has to offer.

Having a broken or leaking pipeline can cause a tremendous amount of stress on you as a homeowner. Dealing with the water shut off, water damage, flooded areas, and even hazardous waste can easily overwhelm you. The repairs themselves could take days, if not weeks, at a time. Thankfully, The Pipe Medic offers trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA. Not only do we avoid excessive digging, but we only need a short amount of time to complete the job.

How The Trenchless Water Pipeline Repair Process Works

At The Pipe Medic, our services involving trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA require less machinery, less time, and less cost than the traditional method. Instead of digging up portions of landscaping, all that is needed is a small access point to the pipeline to conduct our video camera inspection, leak detection services, and subsequent repairs. This is done with a waterproof camera attached to a flexible cord and sent through the pipes.
The cord is inserted into the pipe and plays the live feedback to the technician, who is able to identify the problem with the aid of the video. It can help them find the type of problem, such as a crack, clog, or burst, and the exact location of it. It also helps our experts determine the condition of the pipe and what repairs can be done safely in the system. After the necessary sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA, a cleaning service is performed with hydro jetting. This cleaning system can blast away the formed or forming clogs and old debris that could be restricting your water flow. It also gives the epoxy that is used to repair a smooth surface to adhere to.


The use of the epoxy is called cured-in-place pipe lining. A tube is inserted into the desired pipe, and it is coated with the epoxy resin. Once positioned correctly, the tube is inflated. This forces the epoxy up against the walls of the pipe, pressing it so that it keeps to the shape of the original pipe. The pressure of the inflated tube also helps the resin fill in and cover any cracks or potential leaks. Then over the period of 24 hours, the epoxy hardens and turns into the new pipe. Because it becomes a new pipe within the old, there is no need to remove the original.
Both systems require less time than the traditional method of digging up a house’s foundation or yard. There’s little to no leftover cosmetics damage that you need to handle after the repair. Once the job is done, you can go back to your daily life.
We also offer drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas to ensure that your drains work optimally.


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Darrell M

This company did a very good job for a difficult project! Cameron is the employee that came out and did all the final work once him and another guy found the leak. This job was tough because it involved another condo above me that had to have Pipe medic work with them to fix the problem. Cameron explained every detail of the job before and called me for updates during the job. The rate was very good and I had a follow up question the next day-so Cameron took time out of his busy day to stop in and make sure my question was answered to my satisfaction!! I'm very happy with this firm and will use them for all my plumbing needs in the future-you just can't find good customer service like this anymore!!! Repairs done on 12/14/17,

David Clappier

We had invasive tree roots in our residential sanitary sewer line. We contacted The Pipe Medic to investigate the problem, recommend a solution, and provide an estimate for that solution that involved lining the existing pipe and avoiding an expensive excavation of our front yard. Based on receiving the suggested solution and pricing, we hired The Pipe Medic to proceed with the installation. They did a fantastic job of removing the roots and lining the pipe on schedule, with excellent workmanship, and completely within budget. We highly recommend using The Pipe Medic for integrity, pricing, and quality --- they did what they said they would do; when they committed to do it; and for the price they committed to!

Craig Werner

I had a water main line that was leaking within the foundation of our home where it entered from the outside into the house. I called Chis and he sent a team out the next morning. They showed up at the time promised, which doesn't happen often. They assessed the situation and explained the steps they would need to take to fix the issue. The two of them worked quickly and efficiently to get it repaired in a timely manner. Once the job was completed, they cleaned the area where they worked and walked me though the bill that was easy to understand and very fair for the work they did. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of Chris and his employees. The two guys that come out were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend The Pipe Medic for any of your plumbing needs. I would be sure to use them again if every needed.