Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of sewer line inspections for properties and the camera companies that can help you take care of your plumbing or trenchless business needs.

Real estate transactions can be a very exciting time for the seller, buyer and all parties involved. Taking the appropriate steps to protect one of your most expensive assets (a home purchase) shouldn’t be limited to what you can see with the naked eye.

Traditionally, when finalizing the purchase of a new home or even a commercial property, home inspections are often limited to electrical panels, foundations, roofing, windows, furnaces and plumbing fixtures. Unfortunately, this type of property inspection fails to look inside the sewer lines, which can be a very costly mistake.

A sewer camera inspection performed by a trenchless technology company can be a small but critical investment in the long run of buying a home and here’s why. Drain line camera inspections will see if pipes are broken, collapsing or blocked by roots and this may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Are sewer inspections before purchasing a property common practice?

It is fairly common for tree roots to create clogged pipes that run from the home to the city main. These roots crawl into small openings in a pipe and can cause costly backups. A condition assessment of any pipe material including cast iron, clay and orangeburg pipes can identify if the line needs to be repaired or renewed through no dig trenchless technologies.

This is why it is so important to be proactive before you spend all of your savings on a new property. A sewer camera inspection can reveal a damaged or failing pipe before the purchase goes through and may allow you room to negotiate a better price.

Now that we know why sewer inspections should be done before a property purchase, let’s dig in to a few reputable trenchless sewer camera supply companies you may consider for your business needs.

HammerHead Trenchless

Sometimes a single break in a line is an indication of a much bigger problem so having a quality sewer camera is critical to identifying issues within a system and determining the best solution. Using HammerHead® Trenchless’ PortaVision® pipe inspection system, plumbing contractors can quickly find the problem and recommend the best trenchless solution for their residential customers.

Patriot Sewer Equipment

Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair is a manufacturer, distributor, service, repair, rentals, and sales center for quality sewer equipment. We are your one stop shop for plumbing equipment repairs. We repair all makes and models of sewer camera’s, hydro jetters, and drain machines.

EasyCam, LLC

EasyCAM is built from a plumbers perspective, plus its rugged, affordable and modular. In the event a repair is needed, modular (replaceable) components allow the owner of the camera to easily make a repair so your camera is back in service fast. EasyCAM is a common sense solution to the problems that have plagued the sewer camera industry for years.


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