What are the Benefits of Google’s Local Services Ads

Googles Local Service Ads, LSA, can bring your local, service-based business to new heights by reaching more potential clients while maximizing your advertising budget. Googles local service ads can successfully serve specific industries including plumbers, electricians and more. 

With LSA, business owners can ensure their potential clients find them quickly, knowing they are a good fit for the job. 

When your listing is selected by those potential customers, Google will encourage them to confirm the job they want done and their service area. If you, the business owner can do the job and serve that area, you will be matched to the enquirer, and they’ll be able to review your qualifications, ratings, and reviews before contacting you.

 Brag Worthy Benefits of Google Service Ads

  • Cost effective
  • Only pay for leads looking for the services you have chosen to market
  • No ads or keywords to manage
  • The ad format will automatically be created using information from your business profile
  • Enables you access to the best leads in your industry
  • LSAs appear at the top of search results when potential clients search for local services
  • Only pay for viable leads
  • You can target exactly where and when your ad is displayed
  • LSAs offer cost-per-lead transparency

Google Local Service Ads achieve more visibility and clicks

According to recent studies, when LSAs show in the search results, they collect almost 14 per cent of all clicks. Google local service ads are new to the advertising game, and it is likely that many of your competitors haven’t tapped into this portion of the market, giving you ample opportunity to be at the front of the line with this impressive strategy. If you are proactive and decide to create an LSA, your listing will be established and recognized before your competitors attempt to follow suit. 

Google Guarantee Badge: Promote with Confidence

Like a badge of honour, the Google Guarantee Badge protects the customers who hire businesses through LSAs. This allows your potential clients to trust you, the first step in a job well done. Every business that participates can earn their badge after they show their business license and insurance. 

The team at NoDig.com – Trenchless Information Center and Trenchless Marketing can set you up for success. Contact them today for more information on Google LSA.


What are the Benefits of Google’s Local Services Ads

What are the Benefits of Google’s Local Services Ads Googles Local Service Ads, LSA, can bring your local, service-based business...

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