While it may not always be an easy fix, being able to identify a broken sewer line can be crucial in saving your home from damage and costly repairs. Unfortunately, there can be a wide variety of issues that can cause sewer line failure, diagnosing the problem properly is essential.

Homeowners can often determine if there is an issue with some of these common signs from NoDig.com, your Trenchless Information Center, indicating that you may need to look into sewer line repair options.

Sewer Blockages

  • A common symptom of a broken sewer line
  • If a blockage is present, water can come back up through the basin when the toilet is flushed
  • Blockages may occur after having pipes cleaned
  • Tree roots or a misaligned connection may be to blame
  • Have a professional inspect the sewer system with a camera to determine the problem

Sewer Gas Odours

  • A quick sign that there is an issue present
  • Could cause serious health related issues
  • If the smell of gas is present on your property, call a local plumbing company as soon as possible
  • Likely related to a cracked sewer pipe

Mould on Walls and Floors

  • Mould is almost a guarantee that an issue is present in the sewer lines and home pipes
  • Cracked pipes enable moisture to quickly develop 
  • Mould only requires a humidity level of 55 per cent or more to grow

Slow Drainage

  • Slow drainage is a definite indicator of a developing blockage
  • A blockage will only worsen with time
  • Deal with a slow drainage issue immediately to avoid flooding or a broken sewer line 

Lush Grass

  • Flourishing, healthy thick grass can indicate that there is an underlying issue that could be an expensive repair
  • Sewage works as a fertilizer for your lawn
  • If the grass is unusually lush, a sewer leak could be occurring outside of your home

Foundation Cracks

  • Foundation cracks often occur when the main sewage line under the foundation is leaking, going untreated for months
  • Can cause the home to settle into the ground which could cause the underlying structure to develop a tilt
  • If cracks are discovered it is important to have them fixed immediately

Insect Infestation

  • A clear sign the foundation of the home has been compromised
  • Cockroaches and flies can be common when a foundation issue is present 
  • Damaged sewer lines offer bugs direct access to your home
  • Be sure to book a sewer line inspection if bugs have had a more prominent presence in your home

Septic Waste In Yard

  • Unpleasant odour would be present in your yard
  • Septic waste can gather in low areas of the property
  • A definite sign that there is an issue with your sewer lines connection to the septic tank

If you are experiencing any of these sewer line failure symptoms, contact a NoDig.com Verified Installer

What does it mean to be a No Dig Verified Installer?

By using a NoDig Verified Installer we ensure that every contractor listed does the actual trenchless work themselves and does not sub or out-source the work. Moreover, every contractor listed has a state license and is fully insured with a history of performing trenchless installations.


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