Top Pipe Lining Equipment Companies

Who are the Top Pipe Lining Equipment Companies?

When navigating through the trenchless, Cured In Place Piping (CIPP), industry, finding the right training and equipment is crucial. And as many seek out the best, we thought we would showcase our favorite, most reputable pipe lining equipment suppliers and experts in the field. 

Let’s see who they are:

Perma-Liner Industries (PLI): In North America, PLI is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials. PLI has successfully developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation since 1999 and their experience in the CIPP industry has enabled Perma-Liner to design, patent, and manufacture ultramodern technology. PLI also provides complete trailer or truck build-out packages and offers certification, training, technical, marketing, specification and design support.

NuFlow: Founded in Canada in 1998, NuFlow’s primary focus was on manufacturing and installing exclusive trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions.

Their CIPP lining technology has enabled them to restore aged, corroded piping systems to a like-new condition without removing them. The NuFlow epoxy liner seals and protects the system from further deterioration, giving new, long-lasting life to the piping systems.  NuFlow also offers a pull-in-place structural liner process that is a patented, non-destructive technology. With this innovative design, occupants are not displaced, and businesses can avoid shutdowns. 

Internal Pipe Technologies, IPT: IPT is a leader in the small-diameter pipe rehabilitation industry. IPT has a focus on under slab pipe lining and is proudly committed to helping partners in the CIPP industry. The IPT management team is known for completing some of the largest small diameter pipe lining contracts in the trenchless technology market. They also boast the successful completion of thousands of installations. 

Pipe Lining Supply:  Their extensive experience in the CIPP industry makes Pipe Lining Supply a recognized leader and front-runner for sewer pipe rehabilitation equipment and superior technical trainers.  Pipe Lining Supply offers a wide range of pipe rehabilitation products, pipe repair materials and is also known for their training opportunities.  If you’re looking for any type of equipment supplier for the nodig and trenchless industry then check out our list of suppliers here.


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