Drains are a fundamental component in every home and operating building. And while they are a key component in maintaining a well functioning and safe space, they are often taken for granted, overlooked and neglected as they’re hidden behind walls and under the floors we walk on. 

Keeping our drains clean is vital to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently while avoiding major plumbing issues, but many home and building owners may be unaware of the need to call a professional. 

Often over-the-counter drain cleaners are a common go-to as it’s a seemingly quick fix with a brief stop at the local hardware store but this Band-Aid fix can often cause damage to existing plumbing while failing to fully resolve the problem.  Determining if you have a blocked drain is the first step in repairing the problem.

Signs You Have A Blocked Drain

  • DIY steps aren’t working – If boiling water, baking soda, and white vinegar, plunging or other home remedies are unsuccessful in unclogging a drain, a professional is likely needed. Professional plumbers use specialized tools that can unclog and clean your drains without damaging your plumbing.
  • Slow drains – Multiple slow moving drains can be a good indication of build-up inside your pipe or the development of a clog. Scheduling professional drain cleaning can remove the cause while preventing a more serious clog in the future.
  • Drains on the same plumbing line are slow – Multiple drains on the same plumbing line that drain slowly often indicates a problem deep in your plumbing system. This will likely require the use of professional plumbing tools to reach the issue. 
  • Gurgling sounds – Often these sounds indicate that air is trapped in your pipes from build-up, the sound is created when the water heading down the drain releases the air. A professional should be called as clogging often occurs after the gurgling noise is detected.
  • Recurring clogs – If a drain is consistently backing up, it is likely the entire clog or build-up has not been removed. Having a plumber clean the drain will ensure that all of the debris and other substances will be removed from that drain.

Relying on a trustworthy drain cleaning company to get the job done correctly is important when maintaining a home or an operating building. When a professional regularly cleans clogged drains, the likelihood of future problems occurring with your plumbing system reduces significantly. 


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